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Naima Jewish Prep

Aims, Ethos and Core Principles

Naima JPS is centred on the belief that a strong secular education and an excellent Jewish grounding are mutually attainable.

As such, we embrace the twin obligation of preparing children for success in British society and for a life with Torah values.

At Naima JPS, we aim to provide a secular education on a par with the top national independent schools with a curriculum that extends beyond the minimum guidelines provided by the National Curriculum. As an independent school, we provide both the environment and teaching resources to monitor each individual, and to help children of all abilities to reach their full potential.

We are at the same time educating children in order to acquire a love of God and the Torah, and to have respect and appreciation for Israel, with emphasis on Sephardi tradition. We aim to impart knowledge and understanding of Torah and its Mitzvot so that the children conduct themselves according to Jewish practice and values in day to day life.

Naima JPS challenges all children, together with their parents, no matter what level of religious observance, to pursue ongoing spiritual growth as individuals. We encourage children on their journey to spiritual maturity in a harmonious and nurturing community environment of tolerance, respect and care for one another.

Core Principles

  1. Every child is an individual, has rights and is special. They learn to be respectful, honest, kind and responsible for their actions.
  2. NJPS provides a safe, inclusive and happy environment, a fair and caring family, a community where children, staff and parents feel supported and secure in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  3. The children are provided with a broadly based secular and Jewish curriculum, centred on a core of traditional Torah values. It is designed to give children a thirst for knowledge and learning, discover their strengths, and enable them to make the most of their talents at NJPS and beyond. We give the children a set of skills to help them be successful, knowledgeable and a useful force for good.
  4. The staff are role models. They maintain high standards of behaviour, and ensure it through consistent, fair and loving discipline. They promote excellence, honesty, consideration for others, courage, commitment, initiative, reliability, helpfulness, integrity, and cheerfulness. They are responsible for moral, spiritual and social welfare as well as academic progress. They foster children's self-esteem and help them to build positive relationships with other people. They observe and respond appropriately to each child whilst always encouraging pupils to question, enquire, be creative and, where appropriate, take risks.
  5. "Start a child on the right path and even in old age they will not leave it" Proverbs XII.6.