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Coding at Naima

Computing is broken up into 3 strands: Computer Science (coding and programming), Information Technology (skills to complete tasks for a purpose, such as Microsoft Word for typing a letter) and Digital Literacy (online safety and behaviours).

Coding is a large part of our Computing Curriculum at our school.

Each week, students spend one lesson with Miss Ainley, our Computing specialist. In lessons, students are taught computer science concepts in a variety of ways. These include unplugged activities such as following a recipe, creating mazes for the Beebots or following a set of dance moves to learn about systematic and algorithmic thinking.

In years 3-6, students develop their knowledge of different coding languages, including block coding (Scratch), HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python (using IDLE).


All students use a combination of ipads and Microsoft desktops to develop their Computing skills. 

We use online platforms and software such as:

Espresso, Scratch, Code Monkey, Code Spark Academy, Codemoji, IDLE and Brackets.

We also code a range of hardware including Osmo kits, Spheros, Micro:bits, Mbot Rangers, Lego We-do and Lego EV3s.