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Naima JPS works in partnership with Jewish Interactive to deliver a rich Jewish curriculum.

What is Jewish Interactive?

Children are being brought up in the exponentially growing generation of technology.

Jewish Interactive aims to provide Jewish learning within this fast-paced environment through merging Jewish education with app software. Jewish Interactive have produced a collection of products which are instructional and dynamic such as Shabbat Interactive and Ji Calendar. Naima JPS uses these resources to enhance children’s learning experience within their Jewish Studies lessons.

What is Ji Tap?

 Ji Tap is a centralised platform designed by Jewish Interactive for creating, sharing and playing Jewish Studies related games whether as a teaching tool or for assessment.

What does Ji Tap offer children at Naima JPS?

Many children struggle to respond to information imparted on a whiteboard alone.

They are increasingly needing more and more forms of interactivity to keep them excited and engaged. At Naima JPS it is important to us that our children’s Jewish Heritage is seen as something enjoyable and relatable. Ji Tap provides this ability by using a fully immersive interface which utilises colourful and eye-catching graphics related to Jewish Studies topics. We have seen magnificent results in employing Ji Tap games into the Jewish Studies lessons both as an assessment tool and a teaching resource. The Jewish Studies staff have been trained to create tailor-made games to suit their curriculum and have found the way the app engages children of all learning styles to be quite remarkable.

Here’s what our Reception’s Jewish Studies teacher Mrs Moses has to say about incorporating Ji Tap into her lessons:


Youtube: Naima JPS, London, UK: A Ji Prime School