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Naima Jewish Prep

Our Governors

The Governing Body advises the Trustees and Headmaster.  They offer support to the School’s Headmaster, Senior Management Team and the staff.

Alongside regular Committee and Sub-committee meetings, the full Governing Body meets termly.  The Governing Body throughout the Sub-Committees, contribute to the School’s development and improvement.

The School’s Honorary Principal oversees the ethos of the School and the School community, which the Governing Body also works to uphold.

The Honorary Principal also assists the development and funding of the School and interviews prospective families.


 Honorary Principal – Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy OBE

Headmaster – Bill Pratt (headmaster@naimajps.co.uk)

Chair of Governors - Julian Levy  (julian@naimajps.co.uk)

Vice Chair of Governors - Efrat Sopher



Our Governing Body

Fabiana Abadi

Zvi Amroussi (S)

Meira Drazin (PG)

 Batsheba Benzaquen (S)

Clare Ettinghausen

 Alex Cohen (S)

Rabbi Abraham Levy

 Bill Pratt (S)

Isaac Levy

Sue Saddington (S)

Julian Levy

Elisheva Seifman (S)

Sian Levy

Alexandra Maurice

Edward Misrahi

Naomi Sacks (PG)

Efrat Sopher (PG)


- PG denotes Parent Governor

- S denotes member of staff


Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy OBE

Jennica Arazi

Isaac Corre

Sabine Howard

Isaac Levy

Julian Levy

Yitzhak Levy

Veronica Shamoon

Robert Yentob







Rabbi Abraham Levy

Jacqui Ruffman

Quality of Education Provided

Alexandra Maurice, Isaac Levy, Meira Drazin

Elisheva Seifman, Sue Saddington

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development

Rabbi Abraham Levy,

Fabiana Abadi 

Gemma Babani, Amrom Nemeth,

Zvi Amroussi

Welfare, Health & Safety

Clare Ettinghausen, Naomi Sacks

Danielle Karr, Bill Pratt

Suitability of Staff/Safer Recruitment

Naomi Sacks

Elisheva Seifman,

Sue Saddington,

Bill Pratt

Standard of Premises & Accommodation

Sian Levy

Alex Cohen, Bill Pratt

Provision of Information

Efrat Sopher

Bill Pratt, Sue Saddington


Alexandra Maurice

Bill Pratt

Leadership and Management

Julian Levy, Efrat Sopher

Bill Pratt, Sue Saddington

Elisheva Seifman


Julian Levy

Alex Cohen


Julian Levy


EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Meira Drazin

Danielle Karr

SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability)

Efrat Sopher

Michael Hannaway

DSG (Designated Safeguarding Governor)

Claire Ettinghausen, Isaac Levy

Danielle Karr