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Naima Jewish Prep

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

At Naima JPS, the wellbeing of our children is our highest priority. We take every step to ensure that all of our children are given access to the pastoral care they need. 

We are very fortunate to have Ellie Grunewald giving pastoral support to children throughout the school.

Ellie has been teaching and coaching children for over twenty years, the bulk of which has been in the independent sector. Her passion is cultivating wellbeing in schools, both at an institutional and individual level, and she has made this a priority in her work as a Senior Leader and Classroom Teacher. As prior Head Teacher of Connaught House School W2, she guided and encouraged teachers and pupils to be the best version of themselves they could be and worked closely with parents in the provision of a holistic education that nurtured the whole child.  

As a Wellbeing coach, Ellie provides a safe space for young people to explore whatever is going on in their emotional worlds, with the objective of attaining greater understanding and contentment.  Using a variety of evidence based therapeutic and practical techniques such as mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, drawing and writing, she supports and empowers young people to achieve defined goals.   Children gain tools that they can use to recognise and manage anxieties, building self-awareness, resilience and confidence. Although Wellbeing Coaching is a short term intervention, the benefits are huge and long lasting. Ellie believes that everyone should have experience coaching at some point in their lives!